Good Schools in Mississauga

I met Mr. Frazer, a businessman who shifted from Kitchener to Mississauga. He lived in a rented condo with his wife and three children.

His friend, who is a realtor, took him around to show various types of houses, semi-detached, detached, condos and townhouses in Rick Hansen school district.

Mr. Frazer was particular about his children going to Rick Hansen School. Rick Hansen Secondary School is one of the best top ten schools in Mississauga. His oldest son wanted to study Robotics. His other two children wanted to concentrate in science based subjects. Rick Hansen is an ideal school that offers sound foundation for students studying there.  This school boasts of technology program that allows students to major in robotics-related courses. There are various extra-curricular activities. Many athletic programs are available in this prestigious school.

Mr. Frazer decided to buy a spacious and luxurious house near Rick Hansen Secondary School. His wife, a teacher by profession got a volunteering placement at Rick Hansen. She was excited and happy to be spending her valuable time in one of the best schools in Mississauga!

Soon, the entire family was happily settled in one of the best East Credit, Mississauga!!

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Home Buying Expenses

Nothing ever prepares you for home buying expenses. If you think that home buying expenses stop with mortgage payments, it just shows what a novice you are.

I bought my home three years back in the suburbs of Mississauga. All was fine till one day some birds nested in my house causing major damage. Had I taken the initiative of acquiring home insurance, I may have not suffered as much financially. We had to pay the authorities to take down the nest, clean out the debris in the attic and then call in help to repair the shingles for the roof, fix the air condition vent and mend the chipped walls.

For home buying expenses I cannot stress the importance of keeping aside a large chunk of your savings for house upkeep and renovation. Be prepared to also use up a substantial amount of your income on monthly mortgage. Lenders and real estate agents usually offer a clearer perspective. Do also remember the cost of moving, home upgrades and immediate changes in fixtures and fittings suited to your taste and budget. Property tax every month is also an added expenditure, apart from general utilities. However you budget judging from experience, please remember to save aside a monthly cost for home insurance.

My roof shingling repair work and wall painting was an extra expenditure that we could have avoided if we had home insurance. How I regret not going through an experienced real estate agent in Mississauga!

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The Capital Condos in Mississauga for sale!

Mr. Hernan Portez, a well settled businessman from Mexico, recently moved to Mississauga to help open up another branch for his company. This branch needed to be in the heart of Downtown Mississauga and close to a heavily populated area. He needed to rent a one bedroom apartment for a few months that would be close to his branch to be.

A longtime friend and realtor suggested Capital Condos on Living Arts Drive at 4080 and 4090 Living Arts Dr, Downtown Mississauga. The condo building, overlooking the Celebration Square, provides a pleasant view throughout the year. In addition, Capital Condos is within walking distance from Celebration Square, Living Arts Center, City Hall, the Mississauga Central library. To make travel to locations within the GTA and Downtown Toronto convenient, it is also close to main transit terminal and the GO Station. Capital Condos provides a gym with a fitness coordinator that organizes activities to keep its members active and healthy. Aside from the physical activities, a fireside lounge and party room fully equipped with a kitchen bar and outdoor patio provide the recipe for a perfect summer evening.

To add some spice to the nightlife, the condo also provides Hollywood styled home theatres which are ideal for family movie nights. Six months into the development of Mr. Portez’s new branch, his life could not be easier. His frequent trips from the Capital Condos to work are quick and easy. Hernan will never forget his terrific experience at the Capital Condos.





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Obstacles of a Mississauga Buyer

A Mississauga buyer has a few obstacles to overcome before buying a house, condominium, townhouse or a cottage.

Prospective buyers in Mississauga may at times depend solely on friends, real estate agents and mortgage salespersons for market and real estate knowledge.  This can be disastrous as this may mislead or misinform the buyer while making their decisions. At times these decisions may not be the right ones. Real estate investment requires clearly defined goals. Buyers, who are not independent thinkers, become vulnerable and are misguided by salespeople, sellers’ marketing campaigns and staging.

Market changes every now and then. For first time buyers in Mississauga, and with so many new condos coming up like Limelight condos, Parkside condos and Grand Park condos this can prove to be a challenge if they have no market and real estate knowledge. It’s important to be aware of the latest rules and regulations. It’s easy to go over the budget when buying a property.

Just to give you an example, let’s say a condo buyer in Mississauga can afford $2000 a month on housing which includes mortgage, property tax and other utilities. It will not be a good idea for a buyer to increases this expense to $2,500 per month. One should budget extra costs on utilities, taxes, maintenance, and emergency expenses before buying a condo in Mississauga. It is paramount that when buying any property in Mississauga, whether a home or condo, one should work with an expert, that is, a real estate agent who specializes in homes or condo, depending upon what one is buying. Same goes with a lawyer, there are lawyer who specialize in real estate only. In fact, some real estate lawyers deal a lot with condo buying and selling in Mississauga.

Family opinions and advice may influence a buyer’s decision. The buyer may end up compromising from the very beginning!

It is essential for the buyers to achieve the goals that are important to them. The key to being a savvy buyer in Mississauga is to get out of the comfort zone and become a smart and informed property owner.

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Tip #13: Get a feel for the Condo Market in Mississauga before you make your next Real Estate Investment

An easy way to get a feel for the Square One condo market in Mississauga is to speak to a local and experienced realtor. A good realtor can not only tell you exactly what’s going on in the condo market now, but should be able to give you a pretty accurate prediction of what is to come. In terms of investing, a really good realtor should also be able to tell you what the growth and appreciation of different buildings in the downtown Mississauga area is like.

This is all very important information for you to make sense of before you make your next real estate move, whether it be selling your current Mississauga condo or home for a new one, buying a condo in Mississauga for the first time, moving out of your Mississauga condo and into a home, or choosing to invest in a condo in downtown Mississauga. It is crucial to know what the real estate condo market in Mississauga is like before making your next step so that you know what price to buy or sell your condo in Mississauga for, what to expect in terms of a price growth, and in terms of investing, which building to buy your condo in to get the highest price appreciation.

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Tip #12: Find Mississauga Real Estate with Ease

A Mississauga Condo might be hard to find if you do not know where to search. It is important to use the proper search techniques when you are looking for a new place to live. By using the proper searching techniques, you will shorten the time you spend looking for a new place to live.

A great way to easily find a new place to live is to go to one of the most user friendly Mississauga real estate website. This is a website that will definitely help you in finding a great place to live, especially if you are looking for homes, condos, townhouses to buy or rent in Mississauga. If you live in Mississauga then you know how difficult it can be to drive around and find a new place to live. You can make this whole process easier by using this website. The website compiles all openings and lets you browse them in one location.

We encourage you to explore this website, browse through the different Mississauga neighbourhoods, and take a look at what different locations have to offer. We really love the interactive maps and descriptions of each neighbourhood detailed on this website. We are sure it can be of great use to you.

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Tip #11: A Final Note on the Acceptance of Your Offer

The acceptance of your offer to purchase will be presented to you as soon as possible. But first the seller has to review the offer, it may be accepted as is, rejected, or returned with a counter offer. The counter-offer may be in reference to the price, the closing date or any number of variables. Until one party ends the negotiations or agrees, the offer could possibly just keep going back and fourth. All in all, the acceptance of your offer is the final step in getting you the perfect house you deserve.

Remember to be patient, have a plan, seek professional help when buying a home in Mississauga. Remember to know what you are doing to ensure your home buying process runs as smoothly as possible. Also, in the event that you don’t get the house you were really hoping to get, don’t get discouraged because it can only mean that a house even better catered to your needs is out there for you to find. Good luck out there!

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Tip #10: Consider Placing a Firm or Conditional Offer on a Mississauga condo

A firm agreement of purchase and sale offer on a Monarchy Condo in Mississauga means that you are prepared to purchase the condo without any conditions. If the offer is accepted, the home is yours. This offer does present a risk for the buyer if he or she is not ready to commit. If the buyer is unable to close, he or she will lose the deposit and may even get sued. If you are a committed buyer and are ready to accept the condo as is, then a firm offer should run smoothly for you. Take time to confirm your financing and to think twice about the investment. If you need, feel free to place a conditional offer on the Mississauga property. A conditional offer to purchase is when you have placed one or more conditions on the purchase, such as subject to home inspection, financing or sale of your existing condo. The condo is not sold until all the conditions have been met.

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Tip #9: Consider Requesting Home Inspections

No one would want to buy a new or resale home in Mississauga without first getting an inspection. Not doing so could really hurt you in the long run, and can be really unsafe. A home inspector will check for problems in your Mississauga home such as structural and electrical defects, roofing and foundation problems. A home inspector makes you feel comfortable and lets you feel committed to the house if its good, whereas if there was a problem in the home the home inspector will tell you and then you will know you aren’t getting your moneys worth. Better safe then sorry, so why not just get a Mississauga home inspector before you really regret what you bought.

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Tip #8: Find a Real Estate Lawyer

Experienced realtors in Mississauga always have good connections with top real estate lawyers in order to ensure that your Mississauga real estate transaction goes through smoothly from a legal aspect. Once you find the right one for you, be sure to tell them about your plan and what it is that you want to buy.  He or she will be looking over what you said and checking your purchase agreement for outstanding taxes and claims against the property, checking for proper identification, and ensuring no frauds make their way into your deal.

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Tip #7: Consider Mortgage Terms and Rates

Terms and rates are really important if you are going to lock the mortgage in, as they also determine the rate of your interest rate. A mortgage term can be as short as six months, or as long as seven years if you are locked into a set of payments for the length of the term. Keep in mind that shorter terms have lower rates of interest. The time it will take to possibly pay off your loan is 15-30 years. The longer you take to pay off your loan, the more interest you will pay.

It may be worth considering a weekly mortgage. In a weekly mortgage, the monthly payment is divided by four, but the good thing is that you get to make four extra payments a year (since certain months have five weeks), allowing you to pay down your mortgage faster. Once you’ve settled on a term, loan period and a rate you need to get your mortgage pre-approved by your lender. You can use an online mortgage calculator to learn how this will effect your payments. You may also shop for the best mortgage rates in Mississauga. There are many real estate companies who work closely with mortgage brokers and other lending institutions. First time buyers in Mississauga should attend one of the free home seminars where real estate agents, mortgage brokers, lawyers, home inspectors etc offer advice.


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Tip #6: Find a Mortgage Broker

Best mortgage rates can be given by a good and experienced mortgage broker in Mississauga. You should consider calling a mortgage broker or adviser at your bank. A mortgage broker can look and shop around for you to find you the best deal. Your banker will sell you a mortgage offered by the bank, but remember that you can negotiate the deal. If they are not willing to negotiate, feel free to find someplace else where they will negotiate the price. You should know what your doing, research and really make sure of the plans and actions you are going to take. Ask questions and find a good broker, maybe take the advice of your friends and family. If taking the advice of friends or family, it is more beneficial to seek help from those who were or are in the same situation as you. Sometimes real estate agents in Mississauga can also find you good mortgage broker who are experts in helping you get a low mortgage rate. Before hiring a mortgage broker or a real estate agent, one should go online and check out mortgage brokers’ and Mississauga real estate agent reviews.

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